Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick Baby

We are going through our first real sickness with Amelia this week. (yes minus the whole heart surgery thing :) She started coughing on Wednesday and it got progressively worse as the day went on. Wednesday night both she and Eric were pretty much up the whole night coughing and sneezing. Needless to say nobody in our house got much sleep that night. I took her to the Dr. on Thursday and they sent us home with a nebulizer treatment. At first she didn't mind it but the past few times have been really difficult to get the entire treatment done before she has a melt down. She had a pretty good day at daycare yesterday but was kind of fussy last night and this morning. She's taken a few extra naps so I'm hoping that she's getting enough sleep to kick the virus sooner than later. Thankfully she slept much better on Thursday and Friday nights. I have no idea how I made it through the first two months of never sleeping because after only one night this week of being up a few times I'm still struggling 3 days later! Eric seems to be on the mend too so I'm praying that our family will be healthy in time to start the work week on Monday.

Amelia started with her new daycare provider on Monday. Her name is Kara and we absolutely love her! Amelia is the only baby there and I can tell she gets lots of love from the kids. Kara's oldest son Wyatt is completely in love with her. I came to pick her up the other day and he was feeding Amelia. So cute. It's so easy to go to work when we know that Amelia is so well taken care of during the day! (don't worry Britney we miss you though!)

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. I've found that I take less pictures now that I'm back at work!
here is Amelia's new favorite place to sleep! Brent and Maria loaned us one of their swings and she LOVES it! She hates the one that I had for her and won't go in it for more than 5 minutes at at a time. This swing has been a life saver for naps in the later afternoon!
Amelia and Daddy. So cute. Funny thing is I think that they are both watching the t.v. over my shoulder.
She's just started to grab at toys on purpose. She loves this one because she can get a hold of it pretty easily. These are also the new bibs I found. They say they are waterproof and it seems that it saves us an outfit change during the day.
Grandma Lynne made Amelia a Christmas stocking. We put her inside of it to take some pictures...... it was so cute. Makes us think about how fun next Christmas will be!! I hope everybody is having a good weekend and staying warm. I know that I'm ready for spring to arrive!

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