Saturday, February 20, 2010

4 months old!

Amelia is officially 4 months old as of yesterday. Crazy how fast time flies! She had her four month appointment yesterday and everything looks like it's going perfect so far. She seems to be hitting all the correct milestones for her age- except rolling over but I think that will come in no time at all. We've had a good weekend so far. Last night we stayed home (seems like I type that a lot :) and went to bed early! I think I could fall asleep at 7 most nights w/Amelia. Today Amelia and I worked on laundry and cleaning the house a little while Eric worked on the driveway. He was out there pretty much all day. The ice at the end of our driveway was so thick but he made good progress. The good news is that we're supposed to get another storm tomorrow. Gotta love this Iowa winter. We also went to Lorelei's 5th birthday party tonight! Amelia was a super good girl and took a nap and then had fun watching all the big kids running around. Happy Birthday Lorelei! We love you!

Stats from her apt on Friday:
Weight- 14.5 pounds- I think that was in the 60 something percentile

Height- 24.5 inches- this was almost 50% I think. Eric is praying that she gets his height and not mine. We'll see how that goes!

Dr. Newland said we could start solids when we wanted but said she would rather we wait a few weeks just because Amelia seems to have really sensitive skin and the chances are a little higher that she could have some allergies. I don't have a problem waiting right now either. It seems like a lot of extra work.... although I am excited to watch her try all the new foods when we get to that point.

A few pictures for you all... I haven't taken her "official" 4 month picture yet but hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow. Have a great rest of your weekend and hopefully stay out of the snow storm coming our way!

This is the swimming suit from Aunt Mandy. It is a little tu-tu. SO cute!
This one is from Aunt Lindsey. Little polka dot bikini :)
I thought this was funny. Amelia looking up at Eric while he's feeding her cereal.
Amelia and I went outside for a little bit today while Eric was shoveling. It didn't last very long though :) I put her in the moby wrap and had her all bundled in but she was just too heavy for me to be of any help to Eric anyway.

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  1. Your child is teh most precious gift that has been given to you an dmay you cherais and live a good lfie.