Monday, February 8, 2010


This past weekend we spent some time at home which was wonderful! On Friday night Eric went over to Jeff's with his brother and played video games while Amelia and I stayed home and went to bed :) Actually Amelia went to bed early and I watched the T.V. series 30 Something on DVD. I remember that show when it was actually on t.v. but never actually watched it. I really like it so far. We've been getting movies and tv series on Netflix and have watched all of the first season of Glee too. We're home a lot more these days than before so it's fun to have something to watch together!

Saturday we went to Portrait Innovations to get Amelia's 3 month pictures taken. Well she decided to scream while they were taking he picture so we rescheduled for Sunday and left. We took Amelia over to hang out with Grandpa Rich while we got groceries. Turns out she slept the entire time she was there- 2 hours! Go figure. She won't nap for longer than an hour at home but takes great naps everywhere else. Saturday night we went to a silent auction for Grandma Lynne's LAW organization. It was a fun casino theme. We had a good time but had to head home around 8:00 for Amelia's bedtime!

Sunday we woke up and went back to the picture place. She proceeded to cry the entire time we were there. Needless to say we didn't get any pictures this weekend. I'm not sure if she just didn't like the place of just didn't want pictures. I'm hoping I can get some done sometime though. We stayed home and watched the superbowl which was nice and relaxing. I was cheering for the Colts but I guess a Saints win is ok. Amelia worked hard on rolling over and was SO close. I don't think it will be long now and I'm not sure that we're ready for a mobile baby in our house!

I forgot to mention above that Amelia got to try cereal this weekend. Dr. Newland said we could give it a try to see if it stops the large amount of barfing we've had going on. I'm not sure it helped that at all but she REALLY loved it- even though you can't tell from the picture above :) We're going to try cereal until her 4 month apt. next week and then see what Dr. Newland's advice is to continue solids from there on out.
This smile was after we got home from picture attempt #2. Silly baby.
This is Amelia watching the Super Bowl. She likes football :)
This was just too funny not to share. After her bath. Obviously she's had no trouble gaining weight and growing. Look at that chubby belly. So cute!

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