Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little bit of Amelia....

For some reason I have that song in my head. You know the one.... A little bit of Erica in my life. A little bit of you right by my side. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it and Amelia's name really doesn't fit into it either but I'm still singing it.

Perfect Saturday at our house. Eric got up with Amelia this morning and I slept in :) Gotta love that. She also took a two hour nap from 8-10. Which hasn't happened in- well I have no idea how long it's been since she took a two hour nap at home. I attempted to get laundry done and some of the stuff from Easter at our house picked up- yea it's been a week. No rush or anything. This afternoon we went to Target to get new carseats since I'm having trouble lugging around our big girl in the infant seat. Hopefully we'll get those in the car tomorrow. We also stopped over and visited Grandpa Rich and had supper there with him. Yummy food! Tonight Eric and I played 18 holes on Tiger Woods golf. ( I love it!) Eric also got some time in on his favorite PS3 game- MLB The Show.

Amelia was so happy today after her long nap and it was so fun to play with her while she screached and laughed and played. It seems like these days Daddy is the funniest person she has ever met. (maybe just the way he looks?) Not real sure :)

We also go to go to Lorelei's soccer game last night in Norwalk. Amelia was such a good girl there too and we had an awesome time watching the big L play! She did great and we cheered loud. Hopefully we'll be able to catch a few more games this season too.

Hopefully everybody else's Saturday was as good as ours. We're gearing up for some busy weekends coming up so it was nice to be free to just hang out on this one. Less than a month until our Tennessee vacation for Kelly and Jennifer's wedding. We can't wait!

And how can I forget??? Go Cubs!

A few pictures from our day today...

Eating bananas.

Playing on the play mat. She found her toes today. So funny.

Our little baby holding her own bottle. I know it's empty in this picture but she can pretty much do a full one too. So grown up. And yes that's the Cubs game on in the background!

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