Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few things

Just a few things for a Sunday night post

1. Zach graduated from high school today. I remember when he was just a baby. Man I really do feel old.

2. I should always make shopping lists before I go to the store. Almost every light bulb in our house is burnt out and I swear I have them on my list (in my head) when I'm on my way to Target but never bring them home. I must get distracted by the baby clothes and never make it back to the light bulbs.

3. I LOVE Glee. If you don't already watch it you really should start. It has some of the corniest story lines of all times but really it is so good.

4. I forgot my thankful list from last week...... I'll try to do double this week :)

I hope everybody had a great weekend. I know we did, but it seems like it just gets busier from here on out!

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