Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garage Sales

We found lots of good deals at the Norwalk garage sales yesterday! My mom and I had fun driving around and finding the good spots! I bought Amelia some fall/winter clothes for next year- hopefully I guessed right on the sizes!

As I was talking to different people this week about going to garage sales or having been at garage sales it's funny to see how people react. Maybe there are two camps in the world people who are garage sale fans and people who hate them. Obviously I'm on the first team. My mom used to buy us garage sale clothes all the time when we were younger and I never had any issues with it. Amelia has plenty of clothes from the store but I have learned very quickly that she grows out of them or stains them with puke before too many wears. I don't know why I just find it interesting how people are very anit-garage sales. I guess in a lot of ways I don't really get it- but to each their own! I had fun finding that pair of baby gap pants for 50 cents and she'll look adorable in them.... when they finally fit ;)

Here is our garage sale find for Amelia. She's loving it so far and it's good for exercising those thunder thighs :)

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