Friday, May 28, 2010


A few random thoughts for this Friday night...

1. I just realized that I don't like it when my husband is out of town. It's funny because I actually love alone time. Time to do whatever it is that I want even if that's nothing at all. This will be the first time though since Amelia I've been on my own for this many days. I know it will be fine, but I almost wish it was during the work week then I'd have my days occupied. Sometimes Amelia can be a real bear while trying to take a nap at home.

2. I really like to watch baseball. In fact I probably watch it more than Eric. It totally reminds me of summer time and being young. My dad loves baseball and it was almost always on when we were kids.

3. I'm looking forward to taking Amelia on family vacations. I think this summer we're going to start out with the Des Moines Zoo :) Well actually we already took our vacation to Tennessee this spring and Amelia and I are going to take a vacation to Denver next weekend to visit my friend Holly. Luckily I found a non-stop flight and it's only like an hour in the air. Bonus.

4. I need to start working out sooner than later. Even my fat pants are getting too tight. YMCA free membership here I come! And speaking of clothes not fitting I'm finding that Amelia is just plowing through the 6-9 month category for clothes. She wore an 18 month onesie today and sadly enough it almost fit. Seriously. The girl is growing. Which is prefect. We like a chubby baby around here!

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