Saturday, June 26, 2010

One step closer

Well we are one stop closer to being able to list our house for sale! We spent the better part of the day outside picking up sticks, weeding gardens, planting flowers, and any other thing you can think of doing in a yard! We had some great help from both Eric and my parents and it actually went pretty quickly. We have a few more things to do tomorrow but I think it looks pretty nice so far! Next week hopefully we'll be able to get most of the inside work done and then hopefully get our house on the market!!

Amelia spent the day at Uncle Brian and Aunt E.B.'s. They all seemed pretty happy when I picked her up so she must not have been too naughty :) Poor Shorty (the dog) probably was glad to see her leave though as he was in his kennel!

Thanks everybody for your help!!!

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