Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleep Regression

We are going through one heck of a sleep regression at our house. We were spoiled I guess for a few months and now the night wakings and hour long bedtime routine are wearing on me. She still only gets up once (except last night) and mostly goes back to sleep on her own but seriously I feel like I have a newborn again. As I'm writing this she is talking to herself/crying off and on in her crib. She's not hungry, wet, dirty or sick. Teeth? Who knows. I think she maybe just wants me around all the time. If I go in and hold her she's pretty much back asleep in seconds. I was so tired last night that I even put her in bed with us. She proceeded to punch me in the face and scream at me until I just went and laid her back down in her own bed. We must be getting paid back for Eric's horrible sleeping patterns as a child because I'm pretty sure I was an awesome baby :)

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