Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Busy Updes

Things have been BUSY around here to say the least, but hopefully we are all into the swing of things sooner than later!

I started volleyball two weeks ago and have been spending a lot of time getting ready for that and school- which started yesterday. I moved up to 5th grade this year which I think will be lots of fun. I wasn't so sure about it at first but now I'm feeling really excited for the year. We got new laptops and interactive white boards at school..... they are so fun to play with and I'm hoping that I can learn how to actually use them soon :)

Amelia has been on the move lately and it has been crazy! We went out to dinner this weekend with my dad and Lindsey and Eric and I spent most of the meal grabbing things away from Amelia. She had a death grip on Eric's pop glass at one time and I was just sure that we were all going to be wearing diet coke before the meal was over. We're getting more adventurous in what we are feeding her too, which I think she really likes. French fries and bread seem to be some of her favorites so far. She has also tried and really liked meatloaf and tacos. I've been trying to think of other things to make that she can eat but since lately it seems like we are throwing in a frozen pizza or eating fast food I haven't gotten too far on that front.

We went to the ICubs game for awhile on Sunday. We made it 4 innings which I thought was pretty good given the extreme heat. It was fun to go with Papa Galen and watch while we did though! Amelia seemed to enjoy herself and entertained everybody around us. She and Eric have been spending lots of quality time together lately too which I think they both enjoy. Tonight when I got home from practice the Sunday paper was strewn throughout our entire living room. Eric told me that "Amelia wanted to browse the ads". Made me laugh. She's also working on getting over another virus. On Saturday night she proceeded to puke ALL OVER me at about 1am. She seemed to feel much better after though- nothing like a middle of the night shower for mommy.

Here are some pictures of Amelia.... she turned 10 months this past Thursday! Which seems insane but I am really looking forward to her first birthday just a few months away!!!

This describes how Amelia has been feeling lately.
My little duck after her bath
At the ICubs game playing with Daddy
Helping with laundry
Her new Bears hat..... that she refuses to wear. Awesome.

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