Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have a new thing for Craigslist. I have no idea what it is, but I can spend hours on there searching through things looking for a great deal. I've only actually purchased something like one time I think, but I can spend a great deal of time browsing around to see what is there!

Speaking of great deals... Eric and I went to the mall tonight and got some AWESOME deals for Amelia. The child has been forced to wear either pants that are too short and make her look like a flood is coming or the ones that are too long and make it almost impossible for her to stand up because she is constantly standing on the pant legs. Anyway we found some good bargains tonight at Baby Gap and also The Children's Place. They had 40-50% off of their clearance items! I got 5 things at The Gap and only spent 20$ and at The Children's Place I spent 50 and got 10 items. Let me tell ya Eric was just as excited about those deals as I was :)

We decided last minute to go out to dinner tonight and luckily Brian and E.B. were willing to come over and watch Amelia Bug. The plan was to go to The Cheesecake Factory, but after seeing the massive amounts of people waiting in line we opted for Panera. Usually Panera is one of our favorite places to eat, but tonight it was just average. They were out of almost everything I usually like and the sandwich I did have was cold. Oh well saved some calories! It was really nice to just get away for awhile just Eric and I. It's been quite some time since we've done that! The past month or so has been stressful- to put it mildly- so it was a nice easy going night for us. Good change of pace. He didn't even mind when I bought clothes for myself... well he never minds, but usually he gives me a hard time about it just to be difficult.

It was also a good day on the football front in our house... Bama pulled out a victory, the Hawks rolled, and ISU beat UNI. Not too shabby. Amelia and I went to the Dowling game last night too. I think that we were bad luck though. We left at the 3rd quarter and we hadn't even gotten to our car yet and Dowling already scored! Sorry bout that Uncle Jay.

I think we might try to get to church tomorrow too. I've gone to the one here in Norwalk once and it was pretty good. I just really like Hope in West Des Moines though. If it only was a little closer! We'll see.

I don't have any new pictures to share because my laptop has decided to not charge up. I need to take that in and get it fixed too.......

On a final note..... GO BEARS :)

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