Friday, September 17, 2010

Suck it up

If you've read anything I've written this past week you probably are sick of me complaining... I apologize. I was thinking the other night about being stressed and overwhelmed and thought of a conversations I had once-

I was a freshmen at Luther. I was totally overwhelmed with Paideia (you probably have no idea what that is unless you are a fellow Norse :) and adjusting to college homework and all the normal things that freak you out when you go to college. I called my brother Corey whining (I know- so unlike me) and crying and complaining about all there was to do. I remember that he said to me "what's the problem? You have to do it all so start at the beginning and suck it up" I think was a bit taken back and said ok. But honestly what good advice. There is no way to get out of all these things that need to be done. You have no choice so just suck it up and do it.

I think I need to remember that more often. Yea it might suck and yea it's not so fun, but really when put into perspective it's not as bad as it seems to be :)

Probably the gift of hindsight as Eric has returned, Amelia is mostly healthy, and it's Friday!
It's always easier to have a positive attitude when the weekend is here! Hello weekend of football (college and NFL), shopping, a visit from my mom, haircut and color, and lots of time with Amelia bug! She will be 11 months on Sunday. The countdown to the big one year is upon us! How crazy.

Hope everybody can enjoy their weekend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Grandpa Rich!

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