Friday, October 1, 2010

How Come...

How come on my "free" night I just HAVE to clean the house. No one made me that's not what I meant. No one but myself I guess, but I just can't not clean. And in case you're wondering I didn't mean like 4 hour cleaning marathon but rather a good once over which our house is in desperate need of. On the other hand on Eric's night "free" he would rather do anything else. Why am I born with the need to make sure that our child isn't running around in piles of dust bunnies and empty pop cans but my better half is not? It's interesting to me. I think the inherent differences between men and women (or maybe just Eric and I) have been so much clearer to me since we became parents.

And just to be clear- I'm not complaining. Eric is doing some laundry in the basement in between video games :)

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