Monday, November 14, 2011

Update Mania

Well I just realized how far behind I am.... I haven't posted since Halloween! Let's see if I can update in 5 minutes or less. Not that any of you can see the time, but it will give me something to feel cool about :)

We had Amelia and Eli's birthday party at the Adventureland Inn the weekend of Nov. 5th. We got a few hotel rooms and the kids got to go swimming and play. I think they had a blast! Mandy and I decided we should do it again next year for sure! She's still doing pretty well in her toddler bed. Some nights are more difficult than others getting her to bed but for the most part it's still going well. She's also starting to really talk in full sentences. I can't believe how big she has gotten! Her favorite book lately is a Star Wars book that she calls the "guy" book. Her favorite character is Princess Leia.

Grayson is still growing like a crazy boy. I just put him in a 6-9 month outfit the other day thinking it would be big on him- yea not really. I have a feeling we're going to be clothes shopping for this boy very soon! He has outgrown most of his hand-me-downs already. Other than growing he's smiling like crazy and likes to practice using his voice and cooing. He's still usually getting up once a night. Some nights (like last night) he sleeps from around 7:30-5:30 so I guess technically that's sleeping all night :) He's just such a sweet guy..... I really am having a hard time remembering what we did before he was here!

Eric- Happy the Bears kicked the Lions tails yesterday. Working like crazy. Probably going to be learning how to dry wall our bathroom..... that's another post for another day.

Me- Back to work and loving it (most days). The mornings have not been as difficult as I thought they would be- which is nice. Some mornings like this morning when Amelia gets up at 5:30 are a tad rougher but we're getting the hang of it I think. Just turned 30 this week. Not sure that it feels any different but I had a blast celebrating the big deal in Decorah!

Well there you have it- our life in a nutshell.....

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