Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Be Right....... Back

This would be Amelia's favorite new phrase. She says it all the time and then runs into the other room..... I be right back Mommy. She also told me tonight to "knock it off". Yea she learned that one from me. Not my proudest moment as a mother, but I guess I could have taught her worse things I suppose. She has also memorized about 1/2 the lines from Tangled. I guess that means she's seen it a few (100) times. Good thing I like the movie too. Eric and I have also ground fond of the soundtrack which is probably a sad testament to the current state of our life and entertainment. Eric's personal favorite is to take the song "Mother Knows Best" and turn in into Daddy or Buddy knows best. That Daddy- he's a funny guy.

Other favorites at our house right now are Blues Clues and Curious George. And of course old time favorites Dora and Diego are still at the top of the list.

Another thing at the top of the list these days is lack of sleep. Amelia has been gracing us with her presence around 5:30 lately. She used to fall back asleep in bed with us but now she thinks it's a fine time for T.B (not a typo- that's what she asks for TB). Last night however she did end up staying in her bed all night. Grayson has too hit a sleeping set back and was up so much the other night I think I lost track after 10 times. I would let the kid cry it out but I swear he's never going to stop and honestly I'd do just about anything to keep him from waking Amelia in the middle of the night. Last night Eric elevated the head of his crib and we did some Vicks vapor rub and sucked all that snot out of his nose. He was only up once so I'm praying that we will go back to that once a night wake up. (also remind me not to complain about the once a night thing ever again. It is 100x better than the 10-20 times) We're also debating on getting Amelia a new bed. We transitioned her crib into a toddler bed but I think we're going to go ahead and get her a twin. It does to into a full bed but I'm afraid that will take up her whole room and she won't have anywhere to play.

We- along with all other Iowans have been enjoying this beautiful weather. The kids and I have gone for walks the past couple of nights and tonight Eric was home and went with us. It's so nice to get some fresh air and exercise. Amelia walked for a lot of the time tonight so I'm hoping she has worn herself out and will just sleep like a rock ;)

Well it seems I've written a novel and I'm hoping that Amelia will be heading to bed soon so I guess I'll sign off for now and hope you all have a rockin Friday and I hope to blog again.... sooner than later. In the words of my favorite two year old "I be right back."

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