Friday, March 2, 2012


That's what Amelia likes to yell to Eric when he gets home. She's been saying it all night tonight and last night too. She yells surprise.... CAKE! She loves cake like her mama. Yesterday was Eric's birthday so that was the cake surprise!

In other updates we have been fairly healthy this week. (knock on wood somewhere please) Both kids were at the Dr on Monday to get cleared to return to society. They both passed the test and were able to head back to daycare and I got to return to my classroom. We were all very happy I think. At the dr Grayson weight just over 23 lbs and Amelia was right around 30. I swear he's going to catch her someday soon. Especially if they both continue on the eating trends they have- which would be Amelia eating pretty much nothing and Grayson housing anything I put in front of him. We'll go back to the Dr on Monday for G's 6 month well check. I can't believe he's 6 months old already! You'd think at 6 months the child would nap and possibly sleep all night right? But, I digress..... He was only up 1 last night and Amelia not at all so I'm actually thankful because that's amazing as compared to the nights before!

Hope everybody has a great weekend! I'm hoping ours is filled with sleep, sleep and MORE sleep! A girl can dream right???

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  1. So first thing I thought of when I read were prego again? And then I read on and realized that wasn't it. :) hope everyone is feeling better in your house.