Friday, November 13, 2009

Good News

I just got back from Amelia's room and she is still doing wonderfully. She had her eyes open most of the time I was in there. It's hard for me to see her with that tube down her throat but I know that it is necessary. The good news is that they turned down the vent even more and she is still doing really well adjusting. They did blood work this morning and it all looks great. At 12:30 they were going to do some more blood work and then probably look at turning down the vent even more. Her nurse thinks that probably today they will be able to take it out! She said that she is just doing perfectly. It is so nice to go back there and know that she is in such great hands and they just love her almost as much as we do :)

The other good news is that Eric's case is settled and now he won't have to go to trial next week. Thanks Andrew for all your extra work!!! I am so glad that he won't have to be gone all next week.

We are off to lunch and then to go check on Amelia again. I'm not even sure how often people are reading- but I just keep updating whenever I can :)

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