Friday, November 13, 2009

Morning Update

We slept in until almost 9 am...... it's been awhile since that's been done!! But it was much needed I think.

I just went and checked on Amelia and things are looking great. The nurse she had during the day yesterday is back- so it was nice to see another familiar face. It's so nice in the PICU each patient has their own personal nurse and while they are on the vent the nurse is in the room with them pretty much all the time. It definitely made my sleeping a little easier last night to know that she wouldn't be alone at all.

Anyway back to the update... they are giving her some lasix (sp?) because she's a little swollen. It basically makes her pee out all the excess fluid. They assured me that this is completely normal and not to worry. All her numbers look great still this morning so that is good. They started to slowly wean her off of the ventilator as well earlier this morning. Dr. Reed (the pediatric Dr.) didn't really have a set plan as to when they will take it out but probably today or tomorrow. They like to go really slow to make sure that she's not overly stressed with breathing on her own again. All in all things really couldn't be better for her at this point and we are still just truly amazed by the medical team here and also by everybody we know.... and don't know that are praying for our little baby. She really is a fighter!

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