Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good Night

Here is the recap since this afternoon:
The only things still connected are the chest tube, iv in her head, and the monitors for her heart rate and oxygen levels. Her face is pretty broken out from all the tape they had to use for the oxygen and what not but it's already looking better than it did this morning. Her nurse called us a couple of hours ago to come back because she wouldn't stop crying. I held her for a minute or two and she calmed down right away.... it's good to know she hasn't forgotten who I am :)

I got to feed her an ounce of formula tonight so we're praying that she continues to do so well with her feedings. It is a relief to say the least that I can again feed her when she's hungry! They are going to feed her on a schedule of sorts about every 3 hours. Maybe she'll keep up that schedule when we go home :) We'll see how that goes. Eric held her this afternoon as well so he liked that too. It's taking me a little bit to be confident of myself again- with all those monitors and tubes it's slightly intimidating, but our nurses have been completely wonderful and so helpful whenever I have a question. Her nurse tonight is pregnant with twins and already has 3 kids at home. She is my new hero I think!

They are thinking maybe the chest tube will come out tomorrow or Monday and then we'll probably move to the regular peds unit. Funny as it is I will miss the PICU when we leave I think. We've just loved everybody back there.

On a completely un-Amelia related note.... Eric and I are pretty much living in a dorm room at this point and I realized today that he made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the bathroom because there is no other counter space. Too funny.....


  1. So glad that you were able to hold and feed your little girl! She is lucky to have such great parents. Thanks for the updates!!! Briana

  2. Don't worry about the monitors...that's why they are there so if something goes wrong the nurse will be in. :)So happy you are getting to hold her, that must be such a relief for you. If you're awake and can't sleep write now let me know....Lily decided to play at 5am(4am your time). Love you!!

  3. She could never forget her mommy and daddy! She was probably planning that fit so you'd have to come down to hold her so she could remind you. :)
    And I love how Amelia has her daddy so wrapped around her finger already. She is pretty lucky in that department!
    Hope you're all getting some rest and cherishing your times you get to hold and feed your little one! Those are truly priceless!

  4. Finally catching up...unpacking, no internet and Ellie getting croup over the weekend...I actually called my sister to read me the updates on the blog! ;) Glad things are going well...and that you're going home! I