Saturday, November 14, 2009


Eric just came back and told me that they finally had to put the iv in her head because they couldn't get any veins in her body to work. He said that she slept through almost all of it and when she wasn't sleeping she just calmly laid there.... funny. He came back just to warn me so that I wouldn't be alarmed when I went back. He wanted to go back and sit with her some more... pretty sure that Amelia hit the jackpot when it comes to a Daddy :) Lucky lucky girl. I should remind her of that when she's 16 and wants to go out with a boy and her father follows them in his car ;) ha ha ha!

Just thought I'd update you all on that and now I'm going to take a nap. I woke up every few hours last night wondering if Eric had fed the baby. Made me laugh after I realized where we were!


  1. The IV in the head is a much better place. Joanna had one after she was born, 1st in her arm them her head. It looks bad but the veins in their tiny arm are so delicate, the head is a MUCH better choice, then she doesn't have to deal with it either. Jessica Pettlon Cook

  2. Kylie had an IV in her head when she was a day old. They put a dixie cup over it so she wouldn't bump it. It looked as though she had a party hat on!

  3. Nick had his IV in his head at 6 weeks old, also with the Dixie cup, back in 1985. :-) -Jan.