Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Progress

Dr. Mooradian did his rounds and they decided that Amelia can start eating today. They start out super conservative to make sure that she takes it well so I fed her about 1/2 oz of pedialite earlier. She wasn't sure about it at first but then started sucking it down and was not impressed with the idea that she couldn't have more. The good news is that if she will keep tolerating it so well we can move up on the amount and eventually (probably today or tomorrow) she will be able to have formula again.

Other news.... her jaundice levels were pretty normal so they aren't concerned about that at this point- which is good. She got her catheter out this morning as well- so it's back to diaper changes for daddy :) They also took her art. line out today. This was the one that was monitoring her blood pressure and temperature so now they just get those numbers when they do her vitals. They also took the tube out of her nose that was going to her stomach so we can see her whole face again. She is finally starting to look like my baby again. After lunch we went back and they were trying to put new ivs in because the other ones weren't working any more. There was some trouble though because she is so small and thus has very small veins. They were going to have somebody from the NICU or the pediatric doctor come and try to get one in. They need to have that in to keep her blood pressure meds going so hopefully they can get that done.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but I did get a chance to hold her this morning as well. It was hard to figure out a way to hold her with all those cords and tubes still connected but we figured it out eventually. She fell asleep for awhile which was nice. Eric decided he wanted to stay in the room with her for awhile so he's back there reading his new book by Bill Simmons. Probably laughing to himself about it :)

So all in all things are still going really well and I'm really hoping when I go back that her ivs are back in and working correctly! Thanks again everybody!!!

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