Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Morning

Eric and I slept in again today..... that is the only part I could get really used to :) I went down and checked on her and she was crying away when I walked in the door. Talk about guilt. But her nurse for today came in right after that- she was out getting her some morphine. Apparently she was on a low dose most of last night. We're not sure if it's hunger or actual pain that's causing the fussiness but there won't be any way to know until she gets to eat some. When cardiology does their rounds we will know if she can eat yet or not. Hopefully that will help things a bit. She did calm down a lot when I stood by her and talked to her. Apparently she just missed her mommy's voice :) They took the oxygen completely off- apparently she almost ripped the tubes out of her nose this morning- not to worry she still has her strength! They also removed some other tubes and machines- to be honest I'm not even sure I know what they all are. I do know one is the machine that monitored brain activity. She still has her ivs and lines in so they can give her meds but other than that the only major thing still in is her chest tube to drain the blood away from her incision. I'm going to go back and relieve Eric so he can get some breakfast. I'll let you know after cardiology does their rounds and weknow more about what the next steps are.

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