Friday, November 13, 2009

A minor set back

Here she is with the ventilator out! She still has the oxygen tubes on just in case they need to give it to her at any point in the night. They have her swaddled up which she loves! The top picture is a little further away and shows her little bed. Lots of machines and tubes but it's so nice to see her eyes open once in awhile and watch her breath all on her own :)

Things are still going pretty well but there is a very minor set back.... her blood pressure is back up again so they are going to start her on some meds for that. Her night nurse said that she gave her some pain meds and it did bring it down a little so we're not sure if it's the pain that's causing it or what. Eric also noticed that she was looking a little yellow and mentioned it to the nurse so tomorrow when they do blood work they will do a jaundice test as well. But other than that she is still breathing 100% on her own and without any oxygen so we are still very very happy about that. When I went back to see her she was fussing and crying a little bit- a very hoarse cry that about broke my mommy heart- but they tell me that crying is actually good for her so I guess that's good. I'll just be sending Eric more often to check on her than myself. Now that she is off the vent her nurses don't sit bed side with her so that makes me a little nervous. I know that they are just a step away but I really liked the idea that somebody was with her non stop. But I'm looking at the positives because it means that she is one step closer to going home.

Looking forward we are hoping that tomorrow she will be able to finally eat something and we will get a chance to hold her as well. She's still pretty drugged up so when she is awake it's only for short periods of time. When I go back though I can tell she hears my voice and starts looking around for it which makes me happy but also a little sad I can't pick her up..... but that will happen soon enough.

Anyway I will probably update again before the night is over. We're praying that things keep going as well as they have been and thank you for your continued prayers and support as well. I think the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" applies here!

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  1. Amy, thanks so much for keeping this blog. For as much as we like to read the updates and see the pictures, I bet it's therapeutic for you as well. Stay strong, it sounds like little Amelia is too. Minor setbacks, maybe, but overall it sounds like she is doing so great!
    We hope you get some more rest! And that's great Eric will be around next week! :)