Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Again....

After a long night in the hospital we are back home again! Last night was a bit rough. Amelia wasn't really interested in being laid down in the big crib/bed they had for her so we were taking turns rocking her and holding her. It seemed every time we would get her settled down somebody else would come in and need to check her vitals or something. Normally probably not a big deal but by the time we unswaddle and swaddle her back up she's screaming and we had another hour to calm her again..... Finally on of my favorite nurses told me that she was going to tell people not to bother us anymore:)

Dr. Mooradian let us know that everything checks out really well with her heart. He was also very please and actually shocked that her pulmonary valve- which had mild stenosis- was looking much better too. He said usually those either stay the same or get worse and hers is getting better. We are very happy about that and so thankful to see more good results. He didn't really have an answer as to why she spent the entire previous night screaming her head off and they diagnosed her with "infant colic". We were SO glad that nothing major was wrong but it was slightly difficult to hear that there was no reason why our child spent almost 8 hours screaming mad at us.

Amelia also had a follow up appointment with Dr. Newland today at the Norwalk clinic which I was very glad of and hoping that she could help us figure out what the problem was. She thought that Amelia had some acid reflux issues and put us on some meds for that. Amelia had one dose of it this afternoon and is now resting peacefully in her bouncer. The real test of the medicine will be tonight around midnight. For the past few nights that has been her cue to start a screaming party of one. I'm hoping it helps all her spitting up that she's been having too. We go back to see Dr. Newland on Tuesday and I also have my 6 week check up with Dr. Kemp on Tuesday as well. We go back to the cardiologist in a week and a 1/2 and will probably continue to see Dr. Newland on a pretty regular basis for awhile. It's nice that everybody keeps such a good eye on the little miss. I hope she understands that we have now spent her entire life's allowance on hospital stays and prescriptions. She's going to have to get a real job a lot earlier than originally planned to help support us in the poor house :)

Thanks again everybody for your thoughts and prayers this past week! Hopefully we have figured out what's making her so angry and in pain at night..... it not we'll just learn to live with a lot less sleep!!

P.S. Today is Amelia's one month birthday!! I bought her some clothes to celebrate but don't tell Eric :)

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  1. Kim and Nadia plan to swing by tonight to drop off a little love present for Amelia to make her heal even quicker!
    We'll be by around 6:30'ish I bet. No visit, just a drive by :)
    Hope the family is smilin'