Sunday, November 8, 2009


Grandma Londa came this weekend and saved my sanity! She spent the night on Friday and Saturday and got up with Amelia both nights. I just got up and made the bottle and went back to bed :) Wonderful. On Friday Amelia was an angel about going back to sleep after eating every time- showing off for Grandma I think. Saturday night she showed Grandma her stubborn side and decided to cry after being put back in her crib every time. I think maybe she has a little gas or something (she is Eric's child after all) but we're going to keep trying with the crib thing. My sister Mandy assures me that it does get better....... her child sleeps all night so I trust that she wouldn't lie to me :)

Other happenings this weekend- Eric and I went out to eat for my birthday. Cheesecake factory was wonderful and I had my first beer in a LONG time... let me tell you it was AMAZING! Eric spent most of the weekend getting ready for his trial coming up next week and I tried to get my closet cleaned out and put all my maternity clothes away. (for a very LONG time) Today we went over to Eric's mom and dad's for birthday dinner for me and Brian. We're super excited because I got a new video camera for my birthday! Now we can tape all the fun stuff that Amelia will do. Right now there is about 5 minutes of footage that Eric taped- it's me feeding Amelia one night..... pretty sure I will be deleting that at some point.

We're hoping that this week goes quickly and that in not time we'll be moving on to recovery after surgery. I will keep you updated!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We appreciate it greatly.

Apparently I have no idea how to add pictures on here- but I think I put a few. One of Eric feeding her- she looks so dang little when he's holding her. One of Amelia and me- she's wearing her very cute little ducky booties that Eric picked out. The other is actually our first family photo. We forgot to take any at the hospital..... Amelia didn't really want to cooperate much but she kind of looked!

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