Monday, December 14, 2009

8 weeks old

Happy 8 weeks to Amelia. I wanted to type 8 week birthday there but Eric has assured me that she only has one birthday and that's October 19- so I guess I will avoid that phrasing for future use :) For a present on her 8 week non-birthday she got to have her 2 month check up with Dr. Newland and get three shots. Let's just say that she wasn't exactly a fan of these shots at all! They were good though and have two nurses giving her the shots at the same time so it's over in a very short moment. I kept telling her that she had done the heart surgery so bravely that she shouldn't let a few little shots bother her :) Overall she did pretty well with them though Some tears but she was asleep in her car seat before we left the parking lot. She has been sleeping on and off for the last 2 hours so hopefully that will help her feel better real soon! I'll take her two month picture on Saturday and upload it so we can compare the months with one another!

Stats from her appointment:
Weight- 11 lbs 4 oz
Height 22 inches
They told me what percentile this was but I honestly can't remember now. I think her weight is close to 50 and her height was like 70 something? I should have listened more closely!

This weekend was a nice relaxing one for us. Friday Eric went to hang out with Brian and Jeff while Amelia and I stayed home. I was a little nervous to be home alone at night but she did a great job going to bed for me on time! Saturday I went and tried to finish up our Christmas shopping the stores were crazy! Sunday we watched the Bears game..... it keeps getting more painful as the season goes on. Amelia did sport her Bears shirt though- she's still believes in the Chicago Bears :)

For almost a week now Amelia has been doing so much better sleeping both at night and during the day. For the most part she's up once or twice a night and will go right back to bed when we lay her down. I watch her in the video monitor and she'll wake up and look around and then fall back asleep. We think this probably means her reflux medicine and chiropractor apts are working! It's so nice to finally sleep at least a little bit at night in my own bed!!

I'll post pictures this weekend! Have a great week everybody!

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