Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I have Learned.....

In 7 short/long weeks I have learned many things- here are 10 for you now....

1. I really love my husband. I always knew this but just now realize how much I need him. He has saved my sanity many times in the past 7 weeks and I count myself lucky whenever I hear him walk through the door at the end of his long work day.

2. Becoming a mom really makes one need their own mom. Speaking of saved sanity I can honestly say that my mom has been both Eric and my biggest life saver over many weekends in the past 7 weeks. She comes and feeds Amelia for me and I go back to sleep. She has also done countless loads of laundry and dishes for us. We are so very thankful for all she has done for us.

3. One very small little girl can make more noise than a room full of adults. We have the baby with the loudest cry in the hospital. I don't know if that should make me proud or not. Everybody's got their somethin I guess. I hope she uses those lungs for positive causes in the future :)

4. Prayer is a powerful thing. Never have I received so many prayers and positive support from so many people- both known to me and unknown. We would not have made it through the surgery and recovery process without all those thoughts and prayers. We are forever grateful.

5. I can function on way less sleep than I ever imagined.

6. Before having a baby I had a list of things that I said I'd never do- yea pretty much have done all of them.

7. Just when I think I have this little person figured out she changes her path and I'm at a loss again. I can honestly say the only thing truly consistent about my baby is her inconsistency.

8. I never knew I would spend so much time talking about baby poop. Honestly.

9. There are some very interesting things on tv at 4 am. Lots of great infomercials.

10. I have an amazing family and have been blessed in more ways than I thought possible... beautiful baby, wonderful husband, amazing siblings, great parents, and the best friends possible........ now I just have to remind myself of that after 3 hours of sleep in a night :)

Happy 7 weeks Amelia- now let's make the next few a little less eventful huh?

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