Thursday, December 3, 2009


On Monday night we realized that it was clear her medicine wasn't really working for her reflux so Tuesday morning I called Dr. Newland and she sent us a new prescription for prilosec. I also did some research on reflux and found that many people have had positive results with chiropractic care as well. So Wednesday morning I called and made an apt. with a chiropractor here in town. He did a few adjustments and cleared up her sinuses and sent us on our way. So far it seems that the combination of the two may be helping us make progress. Her napping yesterday was MUCH better than the day before and she did sleep a little better last night as well. It seems her disposition is changing ever so slightly...... we go back to the chiropractor today and will probably go a few more times to see if it continues to help! I'm hoping that the prilosec is a temporary solution because she HATES it! I don't know where she gets this flare for drama- it must be her father!

We also had a really nice baby shower in Pleasantville on Tuesday. It was so fun to go back to school and see everybody and introduce Amelia. She is set for clothes for quite some time I think! Thanks everybody.

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