Monday, November 30, 2009

6 weeks old

Amelia is 6 weeks old today :) I know that's not too far along in the grand scheme of things but she's growing every day! Lately we have noticed how focused she is on objects around the house- she especially likes the Christmas tree and the lights on it! She is also picking up our voices and watching for us when she hears them. It seems that as soon as she hears Eric's voice she is looking all around to find him. So much fun to watch as she finds all these new things! We are really working hard on sleeping in her own bed at night and not in mommy's arms. Slowly but surely she is making progress. She even took two naps in her crib today! I was excited for sure.

We had a good Thanksgiving but realized very quickly how much different it is to travel with a baby than just by ourselves! Eric had to make a few more trips out to the car than normal. We also had Amelia's follow up appointment with Dr. Mooradian today and everything is looking wonderful. Her incision is healing really well and all her numbers are right on target. He said that she must be a fast healer :) I asked about her future in regards to activities and he said that he feels she will be able to do whatever it is that she wants to do! He did say that he would put limitations on her being a fighter pilot or olympic athlete...... if she wants to be in the olympics though we might just let her :)

We hope everybody had a great holiday and found some things to be thankful for. I know that even in our sleep induced haze Eric and I are so thankful that our little girl is home and healthy and happy (most of the time ;)!

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