Sunday, January 17, 2010


So we think that Amelia might be getting some teeth.... CRAZY! It's way too early for this I think but all the signs point to this answer. For the last week or so she's been super fussy and drooling non stop. She's also been chewing on her hands a lot but I thought that was just because she just realized they were there. She's also had some pretty nasty diapers.... thankfully for me they have mostly happened while she's been at daycare :) Anyway tonight Eric felt around on her gums and it seems that her bottom incisors might be about ready to pop through. I'm hoping that when they finally come all the way in- if they do soon- she will go back to taking naps. That has been a real battle between the two of us lately- one that I am most certainly losing!

Anyway minus the crabby baby we had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we stayed home and went to bed early.... well Amelia and I did- Eric stayed up and played his video games :) Saturday we hung out around the house in the morning and then Amelia spent the afternoon playing at Grandpa Rich and Grandma Lynne's house. She was a bit fussy but it seems like she had a good time. Eric and I went to see the movie The Blind Side with some friends and then out to dinner. We went to the afternoon movie which was wonderful for my sleep schedule! We also bought the Super Mario game for Wii and spent some time playing that this weekend as well. Amelia slept in until 8:30 this morning..... of course the day that Eric was getting up with her! Go figure. We also spent today doing laundry and cleaning the house. Eric tried to clear out the drive way for awhile and I got groceries at Target. I was surprised by how nice it really was outside.

So as you can see our weekend was pretty uneventful but nice all the same. I'm praying that Amelia's night sleep isn't affected by these teeth or whatever is going on with her tonight. I could really use another good nights sleep!

The new thing is hands in the mouth....... ALL the time! Exhibit A
And this is exhibit B of non stop chewing on hands.
She just looks so big in this one! I think she's getting taller.
Hanging out with Daddy today. This was a break in her super fussy episode. She loves to listen to Eric sing his made up songs. I can already imagine her some day "Daddy you are so silly"....

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