Sunday, January 10, 2010


This weekend was another busy one for us in the Updegraff household. On Friday night we all stayed home and Amelia and I went to bed early while Eric played video games :) She was up at about 5 to eat and then went back to sleep until 8. It was wonderful! Then Amelia and I set out to meet up with all the girls at Davids Bridal to look at wedding dresses with Jennifer. She found a beautiful one! We even got to go out to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery.... yummy! Amelia slept the entire time! Great for me that's for sure. Yesterday afternoon we set out for Greene for Amelia's baptism at church this morning. We had a great time and it was so nice to see everybody who came to celebrate with us. After a great brunch made by my mom we hit the road back to Des Moines. I'm glad we got an early start too because the roads were starting to get really big drifts already! Amelia is currently feeling the effects of missing pretty much all of her naps today and fighting night time in a major way. Here's hoping she stays to her usual good night sleeping tonight! I know I could use it that's for sure...... I put some of todays pictures up for your enjoyment :)

Amelia is presented to the congregation after she was baptized.
She slept through almost all of it and was woken up with water dumped on her head. She wasn't too impressed with that but didn't cry at all. I think she was more confused than anything.
Amelia and her sponsors Kylie, Libby, and Brian.
Uncle Brian and Amelia- discussing something important I'm sure.
The awesome cake made by Shelby!
Amelia and Patsy's granddaughters- Chloe, Libby, Kylie and Holli. It's crazy that I started babysitting Chloe when she was about Amelia's age! Now they're all grown up.
This is Amelia by the end of her party. Fighting sleep...... it continues still at home :) I didn't really get a very good picture of her in her dress but it was REALLY cute!

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