Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Snow Day...

This is the second snow day this week for Amelia and I so our first week of being in back in the working world was cut short which worked out ok for me. I'm sure when June comes around and we're still in school I will wish that we went today instead! I also would have rather been at work today than trying to convince Amelia that a nap would be in her best interest. She disagrees so that conversation will have to happen again soon I'm sure. We're traveling to Greene this weekend for her baptism so I'm hoping that the weather stays decent. Other than that we are planning on staying warm and hoping that you all are doing the same!

The first go round on in the bumbo today..... as you can see she's not a huge fan this time.

So we took a break and worked on some tummy time for awhile...

This is the second bumbo attempt today and she liked it much better. Even smiling and laughing.

She also had a nice chat with her baby doll while sitting here. She needs to gain a little more control of that head and I think she'll like it even more!

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