Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Well Amelia and I are home on a snow day today and having a good time so far. Eric had to take off early this morning and head to Davenport for a court hearing. I'm praying that he can safely make it back today as well. He took an overnight bag just in case. It helped that I didn't go to school so he took the jeep with 4 wheel drive.

The first 3 days of daycare have gone really well. She is usually pretty happy when I come to get her and seems to be adjusting nicely. It helps that it's just her and Britney I think :) Hopefully she's not being to crabby during the day.... it seems that she saves that for me when we're home in the evening! She's still doing pretty well sleeping at night which has been amazing for me that's for sure. It's funny that these days 6:30 is sleeping in. I have actually really enjoyed being back at school. I kind of missed the kids I think- but ask me again in about a month and I may change my mind. I think I have the best of both worlds teaching having summer vacation and Christmas vacation and obviously snow days like today. So anyway so far so good! At the end of January she will start daycare in Norwalk which should work out well for us too. All and all things are going pretty well for us in 2010 and we hope the same can be said for all of you!
This one is from the other day when she was playing in her play gym. She found herself in the mirror at the top and was just smiling and laughing away. Too cute. And if you can see I put her in some short pants on accident that day. She grew more than I realized......
This is her scar from surgery. It's a little hard to see but the longer one on top was where they went in and fixed her heart and the smaller one on the bottom is where her chest tube was. It seems to be healing really well which makes us very happy.
Playing in her play gym again. She always has those fists up ready for a fight :)
Hanging out on a snow day. I think she was trying to watch t.v. around me. She really loves tv- I think that's probably a bad thing but we'll work on that later :)
Big girl hanging out with mommy. Shortly after this picture we had to change her entire outfit when she barfed on it. Funny girl

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