Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Survived...

Well we survived the Christmas season of 2009. This was our first being married and also obviously our first with Amelia. It was busy but so worth it and fun to see our families so much. Amelia needs a new closet for all the cute clothes she got. I love it! It is especially helpful because she spends a good majority of her day throwing up her bottles so multiple changes in clothes are often necessary! :)

I'm heading back to work tomorrow and I think I'm actually feeling pretty ready for it. It's been so great to be home with Amelia for these 11 weeks but I think I've figured out that I'm not cut out for the stay at home thing. I am however already looking forward to my summers at home with her. I believe we will be regulars at the pool in years to come. Look out Norwalk swimming pool the Updegraffs will be pool rats for sure! Although it's hard to think about swimming when the temperatures show -20. Yuck. Anyway I hope everybody had a great holiday season and here's to a great 2010!!

And just because I like to show off my baby here are some photos to check out :)

New Years Eve.... Amelia spent the beginning of 2010 fast asleep like a good little girl :) Here she is enjoying some time with Uncle Justin before she went to bed.
Aunt Lindsey and baby A at our family Christmas today in Polk City. She hearts Aunt Lindsey.
Lorelei and Eli hanging out at Christmas. Eli loved her!
Lorelei and Amelia. Amelia always has a fun time when Lorelei holds her. Lorelei also helped Amelia out and opened her presents for her. I'm not sure that next year Amelia will let her do that but she seemed fine with it this year!

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