Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 month stats

Height- 26"
Weight- 17 lbs 7 oz
Head Circ.- 17 "

This puts her in the 74th % for height 79 for weight and 95 for head! Apparently our baby has a large noggin! Let's hope she's got a brain to fill it up! I'm off to bed... way too late. I'll update with some pictures very soon! We had a great weekend at Grandma Glady's 90th birthday party and Uncle Kelly and Aunt Jennifer's wedding shower!

For now enjoy this picture of Daddy and Amelia. Her shirt says "Give peas a chance" Too cute.


  1. We have a sweet bib that says the same thing... funny thing is he didn't like peas that well. It was my favorite bib though! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  2. She's not really a pea fan either but I can't blame her. They stink!