Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Updegraff ABC's

So as you know by now I am an avid blog reader. I just think it's fun to read about people's lives... anyway I stole this idea from Allison- who is a friend of a friend. She writes about her and her husband's lives in Minneapolis. I think it's fairly new but I'm really enjoying reading it so far! Anyway I thought it was fun so Eric and I (mostly I) came up with a few that we thought fit our family.

ABC's of the Updes...

A - Amy and Amelia of course :)
B -Balancing act- which is what our lives feel like most days.
C - Coarctation- Amelia's heart condition.
D- Deadline. Seems like Eric is always worried about one of these at work.
E- Eric.... I guess I'll give him the E
F- Friday- the best day of the week!
G- Greene, Iowa- my first and always home.
H- Hockmuth. The name of the surgeon who fixed our baby's little heart.
I- Iowa State Cyclones. Go State!
J- July 18, 2009. Our wedding date.
K- Kum N' Go. Jay's rival but where I buy all my last minute "groceries"
L- Love. We have a lot of that at our house.
M- Mae. Amelia's and Grandma Gladys's middle names!
N- Norwalk. Where we live.
O- Outside hitter. Eric's favorite position on the volleyball court.
P- PS3. Eric's new favorite hobby. Besides Amelia. I do love the Tiger Woods game too!
Q- Quiet. Something we are not!
R- Retirement. Eric wants to do this as many years before me as possible.
S- Sleep. Something we love and sometimes miss these days.
T- Target. My favorite place to shop.
U- Updegraff. I moved way down in that alphabetical order.
V- Volleyball- Eric's favorite game to play and what I spend my fall coaching!
W- Work. Eric asks me every morning if he really has to get out of bed to go.
X- X-men. Wolverine being my personal favorite.
Y- YMCA- I'm going to work part tim there this summer.
Z- Zoo. Where I hope we take Amelia this summer.

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