Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Sweet...

Is there anything sweeter than this?? Eric took Amelia to her 6 month apt last week and Dr. Newland told him that it was important we read and talk to her. Since then Eric has made sure he tells her what everything is and also reads to her every day :) Amelia really does have the best daddy in the world I think- but I may be a little biased! And look at those baby thighs on Amelia. Seriously! I hope she outgrows them before she's in high school. She probably won't think that they are as cute as we do!


  1. Bryson has those thighs too... jason told him he has his mommy's thighs... what a sweety! :)

  2. :) Nice Jason! Amelia probably has mine too.... I'm just hoping she has some of Eric's height so balance them out!