Monday, April 5, 2010


Well I have no pictures to share from Easter weekend...... what kind of mother am I. I also have yet to take Amelia's official 5 month picture with her little sticker. Oh man. Time seems to have hit warp speed in the past two months. I'm really hoping that I can get that done this week! I will also try to get a few of the pictures that Lindsey took- what a good aunt she is!

Nothing much is new at our house. Just hanging out and enjoying the nice weather and baseball season! I know I am not the normal female when it comes to this but I love watching baseball. Something about having it on in the background just reminds me of being a little girl and watching it with my dad. I can almost picture our old house with the windows wide open on one of those sweltering summer nights. Ahh memories.........

Anyway looks like another one of Eric's teams is out to have a rough season- if you saw the Cubs opener you know what I mean. The good news for me is that my team is the Braves :) How can you not love Chipper Jones and company? I mean really. I also play fantasy baseball with the boys. It's fun to pick a team and steal players that they really want ;) This year was a little different for the draft because Amelia was having a bad sleeping night so I was in and out checking on her- Eric had to pick some of my players. Hopefully he did right by me!

Amelia is growing and changing like crazy. Still refuses to roll over again since she did it last weekend. She did however turn herself a full 180 degrees so that she could see the t.v. Seriously it would have been 1/2 the work for her to just roll over. I'm thinking she has some stubborn tendencies...... like her father of course!

Well that's it for the random blog of today..... whoever is reading this :) I'll try to get some pictures up soon!


  1. Yes, I would like to see pics of the little princess soon. Hope you had a good Easter! I was hoping to see you in church :) Did you venture back to Greene?

  2. Nope we did Easter at our house this year! I'm going to try to get some good pictures tonight! Love love love Preston's hat!