Monday, March 29, 2010


Well the post on Friday about a good sleeping baby totally jinxed the Updegraff household. Amelia has been an early morning riser for the past three mornings. Not so bad on the weekends because she will go back to sleep after a bottle a little bit more tiring on the week days when I can't get back to sleep and have to get ready for work. Argh. Anyway I just remind myself that it still could be FAR worse :)

The other big news in the Updegraff household this weekend is that Amelia finally rolled over! Woo hoo. From her tummy to her back. We visited Grandpa Rich on Saturday and she rolled over and over again, but then yesterday at home refused to try at all. So we will keep practicing and trying! Other than that we've been enjoying the nice weather and just hanging out. It has been really wonderful.

Amelia in her jumperoo. She's starting to really like it!

This is what Amelia does instead of rolling over. Just lays there and looks at you.

Amelia and daddy. She has him wrapped around her little finger already. I think the discipline may be left up to Mommy in our house.......

Ok somehow the words got all jumbled with the pictures here. I trust you'll be able to match the picture to the caption :)

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