Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amelia is 7 months old today and turning more sassy every day! I blame her father :)

New things she is doing...

Trying some watered down juice- she seems to really like it

Spitting out her water or juice or food ALL the time

Trying some new stage 2 foods and sometimes a bite off of mom or dad's plates. Not getting too adventurous until she gets teeth though!

Sitting up pretty much on her own

Still rolling over just from back to tummy and usually just for daddy!

She has also become very vocal and loves to screech and yell whenever she can.

Sleeping has been pretty good lately (knock on wood) but still a night time feeding here and there. I really can't complain because she will go back to bed pretty well

I swear she changes every day!! I don't have any new pictures to share- I still need to find my camera from our vacation!!

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