Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sunday

I spent the weekend at a training for my summer job at the YMCA. Interesting couple of days at Y camp in Boone. I spent most of it thinking about the million and one things I had to do at home or school. I promised myself that I would stay on top of laundry after the last time I spent three days straight doing it, but I don't think I've kept that promise as I now see a pile of dirty clothes needing my attention.

Amelia got to go see Aunt Lindsey, Aunt Mandy and Eli this weekend. She told me that she had lots of fun :) Eric had a free night at his brother's engagement party. He had a bit of a rough day prior to that having to change my tire and cutting his finger doing it.

We went to Pleasantville tonight to a few graduations of my volleyball players. I will miss those girls a lot in the fall. Eric and I talk all the time at what good people they are. We obviously weren't that successful in terms of games won but honestly if I could choose role models for Amelia it would be those three. Such good examples of how to be good sports and good people. I am only hoping that we can do as good of a job as their parents have. Here's hoping we haven't messed her up too much already :)

One more full week of school left. Eric leaves this week for his rafting trip and next week has a trial. Amelia and I are heading to Colorado on June 5th to visit Holly and Jon and then I start work at the Y on June 14th. It is going to be a seriously busy couple of weeks but I'm looking forward to the summer!

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