Sunday, May 30, 2010

It seems that Amelia loves the water! She's always loved taking baths so it doesn't really surprise me but this weekend I got out her little pool at our house and she had so much fun splashing and laughing. It didn't last too long though because I didn't have the water very warm so she got cold.

We also went over to visit Eli today and played in his pool. She loved laying in the floatie and just watching Eli play around her. It must be the life to be Amelia :)

In the pool at our house.

Floating in Eli's pool

Just chillin. Somebody bring me my bottle!

Watching Eli be crazy :)

I love swimming Mommy.... let's get Daddy to buy us a pool :)

That crazy Eli....

What a silly cowboy

Calling all his friends.

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