Monday, May 31, 2010

I will never....

I'm completely exhausted today and I only have myself to blame..... or maybe myself and Amelia. She has had a few rough nights of sleep and I'm not exactly sure why. Last night was really bad though. She was up every 20 minutes crying. Her nose is really stuffy. Maybe she's getting teeth. She only had one hour total nap yesterday. (which you would think would make her sleep better at night. I've found it's exactly the opposite) All of these could be reasons why she wasn't sleeping. I have no idea, but after the 100th time of hearing her cry in her crib I just went in and got her. I let her sleep in bed with me. Which is something she never does anymore. At least not at home. I was just so tired and not sure what to do about it. She cuddled right in with me and went to sleep. She slept pretty well most of the night, but I on the other hand did not. I always wake up at every grunt of fuss and anybody who has been around Amelia while she sleeps knows that the child is a LOUD sleeper. Snoring and flailing her arms around non-stop. Needless to say it was a long night for Mommy.

I'm praying that she just really missed her daddy and will get back to her usual great sleeping self tonight. A girl can dream right???

A picture of Amelia from my blackberry. That's her all cuddled in with me. I have to admit it was kind of sweet..... for the first hour :)

p.s. I just realized I've been a blogging queen the past few days. I guess I got a little bored with Eric gone :)

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