Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remember this song....

Whenever I say "I wanna go back" I start singing this song in my head. I have no idea why that is or why this song has stuck with me but it does and it has so here I am singing Eddie Money in my brain.

Anyway enough with the rambling.... there is sort of a point here :)

The kids (when I say kids- I mean my "other" kids- 4th graders) had an assignment from another teacher today to write a letter addressed to themselves that they will read next year. They talked about what goals they have for the summer and next year and what they want to get better at. I started thinking about this idea for myself- expect in a sort of reverse. What would I write to myself in the past? If I could go back at different points and talk to me what would I say??

I'm pretty sure in high school I would need to tell myself- don't quit! There are a few things that I quit or didn't continue doing that I have always regretted. I wish I would have just stuck it out a little longer before throwing in the towel!

To the college me I would have to tell myself- LIVE IT UP. This is the time of your life. Never forget this place, these friends or these memories. Don't worry so much about the future- it will come soon enough. Soak in every single Decorah minute and never forget the way this place warms your heart.

I would also have to tell myself- don't worry about boys. Soon enough there will come a man who is head and shoulders above all the rest (not just physically :) I remember thinking many times that I would probably be single for life.... and really I was ok with it for awhile- but along came Eric. And here we are now :)

If I could talk to myself before Amelia was born I don't really know exactly what I would say. I would have to tell myself calm down. Don't worry so much. Breathe. Tell Eric what you need him to do- he's there to help! Stop trying to do everything on your own! Don't feel so guilty about everything- some days all you can do is just survive. And the big thing it will get BETTER. So much better that you won't even recognize who you were just a short time ago. Mostly just BREATHE!

I think in a few months I will have learned another lifetime of lessons that I don't yet know. It's amazing how one little baby can teach a grown adult so much about herself! Maybe that's why Amelia was sent to me. She will probably be my greatest teacher ever :)

So if anybody is reading and wants to play along..... what would you tell your younger self??

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