Thursday, June 10, 2010

We've returned!

So what in the world have I been doing for a whole week without a single blog??? Seriously!! I'm sure my millions of readers have been wondering where I am. Ha ha ha!

Here's a quick run down before I finish my work for Y day camp. Which I should have done a week ago, but keeps getting put off.

Amelia and I flew out to Denver on Saturday and stayed with Jon and Holly for a few days. We had a really fun time and it was great to reconnect face to face with such great friends! We went for a little hike in Rocky Mt. National Park on Sunday. Holly was a champ and carried Amelia in the pack and for her part Amelia seemed to really enjoy it. So much that she took a little nap :) Amelia and I also spent some time shopping ( Daddy loves to hear this :) and sight seeing around Ft. Collins. It was pretty nice weather so it was fun to be out and about. Amelia did pretty well on the flights and overnight. She spent a good portion of time at night in bed with me so needless to say I was really happy to return to my own bed here in Iowa! I think Amelia's favorite part of vacation was Holly and Jon's dog Lizzie. She was completely obsessed with her and it was seriously funny!

I had a Pampered Chef party here tonight which was a fun time. I always enjoy having people over and playing hostess :) Thanks to all who came- hopefully you had a good time as well.

Amelia is on another vacation right now at Aunt Mandy and Uncle Justin's. I'm hoping that Eli is ok with her visiting for a few days. Eric and I are going to a Twins game on Saturday so she's spending some time with the Burns family. Hopefully for their sake she sleeps all night.... we'll see how that goes.

Not too much else is new with the Updes at this point. Just trying to stay caught up on everything and get ready to start my Y job next week. I'm strangely excited about it. It will be fun to work with kids on a different level and have some fun. We'll see if I'm feeling the same way in a month or so!

Hiking.... as you can see Amelia is pumped :)
Amelia loved this exersaucer Holly borrowed from a friend. It was a life saver for me for sure!
New outfit from Holly! So cute.
Kisses from Lizzie dog.

Posing for a picture with her new BFF

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