Friday, July 16, 2010

Have you ever heard this song?? I must be feeling nostalgic lately for whatever reason but I heard it on the radio and just had to stop and think about it. I realized that in the moment of a sleepless night or having a sick baby or even just the every day stresses of life it seems like there is no end in sight and it will always be this way, but really it's not at all. One stage is over and you're on to the next before you know it. I remember when Amelia was really little and I would get no sleep at all my sister Mandy told me "don't worry it each stage only lasts a few weeks". In that moment I could not possibly see how right she is but now I can totally see what she was saying. I'm not going to lie though- 4:30 am today when Amelia decided she just must have a bottle or she wouldn't make it I wasn't feeling all warm and fuzzy but rather wondering how much longer she'd be waking up for night time bottles..... :)

I'm realizing this now and my baby is only 9 months old I am quite sure that by the time she is going to kindergarden or graduating high school I will see this even more.

Random thoughts I thought I'd share today :)

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