Sunday, July 11, 2010

This and That

Things have been crazy in Updegraff land these days..... here is a run down of what's been going on

Eric and I have been really busy working on the house. I didn't realize there were so many things to do until we started! We had a guy come out and put railings on the deck stairs, frame the bathroom window, put a door on the back bedroom and finish out the trim in the bathroom. He also patched a hole in the basement where Brian put his head through the ceiling. I'm not sure of the exact story on that one. You'd have to ask Eric or Brian but I think it had something to do with a video game. Go figure :)

Today Amelia spent the day with Grandma Lynne and Grandpa Rich and we painted the bathroom and cleaned out the disgusting laundry room. I should have definitely taken before and after pictures of the floor. YUCK. It was definitely worth it though. Yesterday we cleaned up the basement and tried to organize a few things down there. Amelia was so good and sat and played with toys and much to Eric's enjoyment found a volleyball to play with. She and Eric rolled it back and forth for awhile. I think we can find more of this in our future!

We need to finish cleaning up a few things but I think we are about ready to list our house!! We're so excited. We've been looking at houses for the past few weeks. Our realtor mentioned the Easter Lake area so I took a look online. I was amazed at what we could get for the money over there. We took a look at houses there this past week and liked a lot of them we saw. We're not sure yet where we'll end up but it's nice to have some options. The first and most important step right now is selling our house- say a prayer or two that will go quickly for us :)

What's new with Amelia? She has mastered the rolling both ways from tummy to back and then back to tummy. I know that she probably should have mastered this before 8.5 months but it's really fun to watch her do it. I think that crawling isn't too far in our future but we'll see. She can get up on all fours but then can't seem to figure out how to move those legs and arms to get forward. She sort of scoots backwards. She also has decided that she like to sleep on her tummy. It's pretty cute but sometimes in the night she will start crying and pretend like she doesn't know how to roll back over. Silly girl.

One of the biggest happenings right now is a TOOTH. I can feel one coming through in the front but you can't see it yet. No mistaking it though- definitely a sharp little tooth is coming. It's strangely exciting for me although I'm not really sure why. Just fun to watch her grow and change I guess.

Well that's a long/short version of what's happening at our house. Our babysitter has been out of town for a week and gets back on Tuesday. Amelia has had fun playing with Daddy, Grandma Londa, Mollie and Britney during the week but I think she might be ready for her regular routine at Kara's. I know I'm going to need these next few afternoons to get the house cleaned up and ready to show!

Some pics of what we've been up to lately

Helping pat baby Finley's back.
As you can see baby Finley was less than amused with Amelia by this point.
Swimming at the pool with Daddy
More swimming. She loves the water and had a blast. We also found out it's only $2.00 at night! Wahoo- lots of fun had for $4.00 :)

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