Friday, August 6, 2010

My 2 cents worth

It's been awhile (or at least it seems like it has) since I posted anything.... so here is my 2 cents worth. And for those of you that read the Des Moines Register you will be reminded of all the intelligence that is found in that small 2 cents.

I love pictures. Like really love them. I think if I could I would hang them up all over our house- well maybe I already have. But really I would put them everywhere. I keep looking through all of A's 9 month pictures and trying to choose which ones to print. I picked a few to get printed for now and then we'll see where I have room. I'm supposed to be de-cluttering the walls for people to look at our house but I may just have to hang one or two.

I'm really excited because I found a website to order pictures from pretty inexpensively and since Mandy gives us the proof cd with her photography prices I can print whatever I want. I tried not to do too many this first time so I could check out the quality.... but if you read my above post you'll probably guess I didn't do so great on that one.

I love having dinner with friends. We had the chance to go have dinner at a friends house tonight and it was one of the best nights I've had in awhile. Just sitting and relaxing and chatting. We sometimes get so wrapped up in our own little world here that we forget to take time to keep up with those relationships that mean so much to us.

Speaking of those relationships I don't think I ever posted about my Decorah trip last weekend. SUCH a great time with some of my favorite people of all time. Lindsey and I spent Saturday going around to all of our favorite places and landmarks in town. It had been awhile since I'd been to some of them and had actually never been to a few. Decorah is like a little slice of heaven for me. Some of my favorite memories of all time happened in that place. While part of me is sad to go back to campus and see things are different a larger part of me is glad. Glad that they are changing with the times and keeping things top of the line, but also glad that there is always a new generation of students becoming part of the Luther family. Many people don't understand what it really does mean to be a part of that family and quite honestly unless you went there you really will just never know.

I think watching my baby crawl is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Which is funny because she figured it out all on her own as I'm pretty sure I didn't spend time demonstrating for her... I left that for Eric :) It's just amazing the feeling of pride watching her figure it out, and have to say she is just awfully cute as well!

I'm ready for school to start. I'm ready to get back into a routine and be around my fellow teachers again. I really like going to work- most days :) and I'm excited to be going to 5th grade! It will bring a new set of challenges, but I'm looking forward to seeing what those are.

And ladies and gentlemen that is more like 5 cents or maybe even a quarter and heaven knows I've probably only got a $1.00 stored up there in my brain :) hope everybody is having a great summer..... it's nearing the end!

How is this child not going to get her way all the time with a sad face like this??

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