Sunday, August 29, 2010

Open House Fail

Another busy weekend around here with a third open house at our house. Yea nobody came again. Second week in a row. We just came to the conclusion tonight that it might not happen. Which is ok. We'll just chill here on Happy Hollow. We might need to have Eric start peeing outside though because I have a feeling that as Amelia grows up she will want a bathroom all to herself :)

Amelia and I headed over to visit The Burns fam today while Eric was working and then we went to eat dinner at Grandpa Rich's. Yesterday I went to the eye dr and got new glasses and then did a little shopping for me and Amelia. Last night we headed over to Nadia's 4th birthday party!! It was lots of fun to see everybody there too!

I think we are sufficiently exhausted and should probably go to bed early to prepare for the really busy week to come!!!

Loving cousins
Here's a good bye kiss from Eli
Eli trying to share his hat with Amelia

And my favorite of all time..........

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