Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think I need a time out here...

Like a Bayside Timeout.... for those of you who are familiar with Saved by the Bell. I need to be able to have Zach Morris walk out and get me a little breather this week.

Things have been crazy- 2 volleyball games, Eric in Illinois, and then working long hours, Amelia got the flu so I was home with her yesterday after missing Friday at work for her cardiologist appointment. I feel SO behind in every single facet of my life right now. Piles of laundry are everywhere, dishes need to be done and lord knows I haven't cleaned my house in forever. That doesn't even cover the school work sitting on my desk and the volleyball stats that need to be entered. It is safe to say that I. AM. OVERWHELMED and stressed. Did I mention that Eric is leaving town on Sunday for a week long trial. And my laptop at home quit working. Just won't take a charge to the battery. Heaven only knows when I'm going to find the time to get to the Apple Store at Jordan Creek.

I guess that's about enough of a self- pity party but this has been one of those days or maybe one of those weeks. Nothing major going wrong but all these little things just add up. I'm praying that next week goes quickly and uneventfully. Yea. Whatever that means!

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